Preparing Your Business for Sale – CF Webinar Series

Date: Thu, Jun 6, 2024 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM CST

Various issues will be addressed to improve your your chances of a successful exit from your business.

Paul Maarschalk is a seasoned Chartered Business Valuator and Chartered Professional Accountant practising through his firm Maarschalk Valuations Inc ( Paul has spent 30+ years in various financial roles, the last 10 years being focused solely on business valuations. Clients have ranged from small “mom & pop” retail stores to large multinational corporations.

A business valuation includes an analysis of both the prospects for a business as well as the associated risks. Improving the prospects of the business, and reducing the risks, inevitably boost the value of a business and are thus the key issues to be addressed in preparing a business for sale.

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