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Are You Ready?


Take the Municipal Readiness Test
This questionnaire is being provided courtesy of the Government of Ontario, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

This interactive test is designed for municipal officials and staff as a tool to quickly and easily assess your community’s investment readiness. Key elements of the interactive test focus on municipal contacts for information, land use planning, industrial land inventory data, marketing and other relevant local resources that may factor into your readiness quotient.

Evaluating your community’s potential will provide a foundation for both short and long term planning. It will assist in decision making in regards to its future development.

As you take the test, look beyond your physical municipal boundaries to the broader market area of a potential employer. Questions are divided into three sections: people, resources and communication.

Click here to take the test!


Community economic development often arises out of a need or wish by people to improve their environment.

Start the community dialogue by examining The Communities Life Cycle Matrix. Where are we and what are some basic action steps that we might take in moving forward? Matrix provided courtesy of the Centre for Innovative and Entrepreneurial Leadership (www.ciel.com).

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