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Indigenous Communities

Many of the 94 Calls to Action recommended by Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission pertain to health and prosperity and embrace multiple elements of the economic development wheel. Inclusive economic development is also a bridge by which non-Indigenous and Indigenous communities can strengthen inter-community relationships.

Indigenous Sustainable Investment. This discussion paper is a primer on the subject of environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment standards, prepared by the First Nations Major Project Coalition. Download the paper here


The Spirit Lives: Aboriginal Entrepreneurs in Canada This series consists of six half-hour video programs featuring 30 Aboriginal entrepreneurs engaged in both traditional and non-traditional enterprises. A 72-page User's Guide complements the videos. The videos profile approximately 30 Aboriginal entrepreneurs who were selected through a process involving input from a nationwide network of aboriginal advisors representing business, education, and economic development. The entrepreneurs profiled have created and launched new, innovative ventures through traditional and non-traditional enterprises. They reflect a wide variety of Aboriginal people, languages, and cultures and include male, female, old, young, rural, and urban case studies.


Federation of Canadian Municiplaities - Stronger Together Toolkit
The Stronger Together Toolkit provides a step-by-step process and a set of tools for First Nations and municipalities to work together on joint Community Economic Development. The Toolkit is unique because of its focus on the processes and structures needed to support joint First Nations-municipal planning and decision making.

In the Subscribers Only Section you will find:

  • Friendship Centre Movement Best Practices in Governance and Management .
  • Building Aboriginal Economies via Partnerships  
  • Best Practices in Indigenous Community Development
  • Measuring Success in Community Development from a First Nations framework
  • What Makes First Nations Enterprises Successful?
  • Optimizing the Effectiveness of E-Learning for First Nations
  • Studies in successful strategies in business diversification by three American First Nations
  • Regulatory Environment for On-Reserve Lending
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