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Economic Impact

Assessing the impact of an existing enterprise or a new project is often required in community and economic development.

Impact analysis can be utilized in a variety of different scenarios and by using various methods. It can also be a component of a formal evaluation process for an organization or project.

A quick read on Measuring Economic Impacts of Projects and Programs by the Economic Development Research Group will give you a primer on basic concepts of economic impact analysis.

Input-Output Economic Multipliers (nationally and by province) can be accessed HERE. 

A custom interactive tool was developed in 2012 to assist in gauging the impact of a business or new investment to your local or regional community. The Investment Portfolio Tool(IPT) can be found it the SUBSCRIBERS ONLY area.  The IPT is based on the Saskatchewan input/output model developed by Statistics Canada. It provides information to assess the impact a business or investment has in your Community, Province and Nationally. 2006 census data is utilized. 

In the Subscribers Only Section you will find:

  • Examples of Determining Tourism Event Scale and Impact
  • Measuring Fiscal Impact of Development Projects and Special Events
  • Assessing  Economic Impacts of Federal Investments in Infrastructure
  • Guide to Retail Impact Studies
  • Introduction to Socio-Economic Impact Assessment
  • Impact Analysis of Universities
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