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SEDA has delivered Community & Economic Development Fundamentals to elected leaders and municipal staff for over twenty years via the Municipal Leadership Development Program (MLDP). Session participants leave ready to apply the concepts but they require a hand to take the next step in engaging local residents, identifying opportunities and establishing action plans to turn possibilities into reality.

    • To meet this need of Saskatchewan communities, we have modified our ’fundamentals’ program to provide a two hour virtual delivery option. This is STEP 1 of the new actify program.
    • In actify STEP 2, we will use our ThriveSask approach and work with your local residents via a virtual or in person ‘activation session’ to establish priorities and action plans. In 2018, we developed the ThriveSask asset-based action planning framework to guide community development efforts. It aims to harness the social, economic, physical, and cultural assets that set a place apart, and ultimately leads to tangible outcomes that benefit the entire community.

Download the ACTIFY brochure for more information.