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Downtown Moose Jaw Association  Geoff Anderson, Chair                                                                                      306-692-9324

Regina Downtown Business Improvement District   Judith Veresuk, Executive Director
306-359-7573       website

Regina Warehouse Business Improvement District  Leasa Gibbons, Executive Director
306-585-1765   website

Town of Shellbrook Business Improvement District  Contact Yvonne Groenen

Yorkton Business Improvement District  Donna Brothwell, Executive Director
Tel: 306-783-9243         website

The Saskatchewan Economic Development Alliance (SEDA) was inspired by a collective of passionate economic development professionals in 1984. Volunteer-led, the organization successfully elevated the profile of community and economic development across Saskatchewan until it became “everyone’s business”.

Today, we equip communities with the skills, knowledge, resources and connections required to embrace change and build a sustainable future.  We provide support you in a number of different ways, including community consulting, online and in-person learning, and specific community and business development programs. Solution driven, we strive to create breakthroughs by filling gaps in the marketplace and brokering new initiatives with partners in the private, public and non-profit sectors.

SEDA has a longstanding culture of self-reliance, which we encourage in others. As an independent non-profit organization, we are not funded by the public sector or any granting agency.  All revenue to support operations and service delivery is self-generated. Accustomed to doing ‘more with less’, innovation and collaboration are part of our DNA.

We remain steadfast in supporting the social and economic health of Saskatchewan communities, working behind the scenes provincially – and alongside local leaders at a community level.  As an alliance, we aim to provide a space where all sectors can share expertise and resources to support our common client. The whole province benefits when we work together.

Helping communities thrive is what we do.

View our 2021-22 Strategic Framework HERE

Considering starting a BID in your community? Here is a quick reference sheet on STARTING A BID.
Further Resources on Downtown Revitalization can be found at our Knowledge Centre.