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Since 1984, SEDA has been dedicated to supporting communities on their journey towards becoming investment ready. We understand the challenges that communities face, and are committed to providing tailored solutions that meet their unique needs. Our team of professionals is passionate about working with communities and helping them to thrive.

Consulting services are provided at $125/hr plus GST.  Inclusive project based consulting is also available.

SEDA is proud to be a Certified Social Enterprise.

Inherent to community economic vitality is retaining and growing local businesses to build prosperity and create local jobs. Here are some ways we can help

  • Mentoring and Virtual Services: From coaching staff to developing annual work plans, we can augment your local capacity. Rates by the hour or monthly subscriptions of $500 or $1000.
  • Recruitment: Assisting you find the qualified staff or contractors to move your community forward.
  • Project Management: Management of specific projects and special events.
  • Community Assessments:  Includes review of existing plans; market scan; competitive analysis and stakeholder interviews.  
  • Strategic/Economic Development Planning: Developing a roadmap for socio-economic resilience.
  • Implementation Support: Moving you from planning into action.   
  • Training & Education: Retain us for presentations and workshops.

Contact the SEDA office at 306-384-5817 to discuss how we can assist your community to thrive

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