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Make a difference....

Economic Development Officers are outgoing and have good people skills. They are entrepreneurial and capable of managing multiple projects simultaneously. They are change agents!

What type of education do I need?

There are few post-secondary institutions in Canada that offer specific curriculum in community economic development. The profession thus draws from post-secondary graduates in various disciplines. 

A core knowledge and skills base can be augmented via professional development obtained with SEDA.

Provincial Certification is available via our PCED.SK Program. Attainment of the Professional Community and Economic Development of Saskatchewan designation may be possible after a minimum of two years of professional practice.

Examples of careers in economic development:

  • Economic development officers.
  • Managers of local or regional economic development organizations.
  • Community enterprises.
  • Business development specialists with municipalities or industry organizations.
  • Tourism or recreation specialists.
  • Public sector employees


This short Introduction to Economic Development provides clarity in the essential role professionals play in a community or region.


Cape Breton University Nova Scotia Delivered in Saskatchewan via Great Plains College

Cape Breton University offers a Master’s of Business Administration in Community Economic Development. The degree combines business and social studies courses. The size of the school allows the adaptation of the curriculum in order to meet the evolving requirements of learners and organizations.

Simon Fraser University Burnaby BC

Simon Fraser University hosts a center for sustainable community development. It supports sustainable community development through research, education, and training. An undergraduate certificate, post-baccalaureate diploma, graduate support, and non-credit professional development are all offered through the centre.

University of Waterloo Waterloo Ontario

The University of Waterloo offers professional economic development courses as well as a graduate Local Economic Development program. Many courses are offered in conjunction with the Economic Developers Association of Canada. This is the most recognized certification. EDO Certification requires completion of two years of courses along with submission of papers and a final exam. The program requires two weeks in total on site at the University or affiliate.

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