TEAM SEDA’s CEO Verona Thibault welcomes the opportunity to discuss how SEDA can add value to your community or organization. Verona ThibaultChief Engagement Officer VacantProgram Coordinator   Carmen Hesje                           Program Administrator Canada Digital Adoption Program – Grow Your Business Online Spencer Nikkel                          Program Manager Canada Digital Adoption Program: Grow Your Business Online George BarnhartBusiness Strategist

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Board of Directors

We are excited to announce that nominations for our Board of Directors are now open! As a valued member of our organization, we invite you to participate in the process of shaping our future leadership. If you or someone you know possesses the skills, experience, and dedication to contribute effectively to our board, we encourage

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Our Values

OUR VALUES Passionate, about the future of Saskatchewan. Inspired, by opportunities at a local and regional level and we aim to inspire others. Resilient and self-reliant, we provide consistency in community economic development support. Inclusive socio-economic development informs our mission. Trusted, as a partner, we strive to support members and allies.

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What We Do

WHAT WE DO Serving the province since 1984, the Saskatchewan Economic Development Alliance (SEDA) is the exclusive non-governmental organization dedicated to provincial community and economic development. We equip communities and organizations with the necessary skills, knowledge, resources, and programs to become investment ready. Solution driven, we strive to create breakthroughs by filling gaps in the

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