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Mandala Wellth—Flexibility of Mind, Body and eCommerce Website

December 7, 2022Everyone could benefit from some Zen in their busy day-to-day lives, even massage therapists and health care providers! For someone like Mandy Bishop who has a strong passion for bringing wellness to people and a deep knowledge of health essentials, this also means delivering a curated self-care experience right to your doorstep.

Post-secondary students help Saskatchewan small businesses with digital presence

Jun 29, 2022The Canada Digital Adoption Program is creating short-term job opportunities for post-secondary students to help small businesses grow their e-commerce and digital presence online. This is an exciting employment opportunity for post-secondary students or recent graduates to become e-commerce advisors and help Saskatchewan small businesses develop their e-commerce footprint.

How Fast is Fast?

Nov 16th, 2020A commonly asked question when it comes to the internet, is ‘how fast is fast?’ According to some experts, the question should be - it depends on what you need – now and in the future.